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It can be tough to locate a good repairman when your dishwasher breaks down. There are certain things you should look out for when deciding to hire a dishwasher repairman. Well, the following guide on finding dishwasher repairman will help you find the right person.

Ask for a referral

The best way to find a repairman for any of your household appliancesis to ask your friends, family or neighbors for a referral. When people close to you recommend a technician they had good experience with (in terms of service, professionalism and price) then you are sure of getting a good repairman. Just make sure to get an opinion from someone you trust.

Research potential repairmen

Get at least 3 estimates and compare them based on labor, parts, warranty and price. Also ask them how long they have been in business, talk to past clients and read user reviews online. This should help you make your final decision.

Check skill level

It’s important that you hire a repairman who is trained to do the job. Ask him if he’s certified in appliance repairs or if he’s factory trained.

Research online

Whether you know a few potential repairmen or not, it pays to do a bit of research as well. No one knows every good technician, so this will increase your options too. There are many good websites with names of local appliance repairmen that are reviewed and rated by other clients. Use these invaluable resources to the maximum as independent customer reviews and ratings are always reliable for finding a good technician.

Don’t hire based on price

Don’t just choose the cheapest dishwasher repairman. You never know why he charges the lowest price or what you’re getting yourself into. However, this doesn’t mean that you must pay exorbitantly in order to have quality work done. Ask the repairman a few relevant questions. This will help you find the best combination of experience, quality and price.

Contact a realtor

Call a major realtor and ask who does their appliance repairs. Most real estate firms employ appliance technicians on retainer and know which ones are the best in an area.

Ask about warranty

Ask the repairman if he can guarantee his work, and find out how long the warranty lasts. Most warranties run for 90 days to a year.

Ask if the repairman is bonded and insured

If the repairman is bonded, it means that he has secured funds that he can pay you if you make a claim against him.

Insured means liability insurance. For example, it could cover damage to the property or injury to someone in the house. If the repairman is not insured, you could be liable for any injury or damage to your house.

Finally, the best tip to find a good technician is to look for one even when your dishwasher is fine. When you’re upset and your dishwasher is faulty, you may not be in the right state of mind to hire a good technician. Use all of these tips to locate a repairman long before your appliance breaks down and keep his number on hand.

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